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  As it is known, in our Electricity discount studies for our members who are engaged in manufacturing under our Chamber, five workers were required for the Industrial Registry Certificate, but our Chamber approved the work by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Undersecretariat of Treasury and the Incentive Department. As a result of our studies and initiatives carried out by many Public Institutions and Organizations, the five insured worker conditions required when obtaining an Industrial Registry Certificate have been reduced to one, and the Industrial Registry No. 2005/17, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 05.07.2005 and No. 25866, has been published in the Official Gazette No. 25866 dated 05.07.2005 for business owners operating in all manufacturing sectors. In accordance with the registry notification, it was made mandatory for them to register in the industrial registry as of 01.09.2005.


   Opportunities provided by the industrial registry:


- They pay their electricity expenses at the industrial subscriber tariff. (Discount rates starting from 22.5%)

-They benefit from VAT Postponement-Cancellation procedures for the delivery of goods subject to export registration, and they do not pay VAT.

-They can deduct all financing expenses from the corporate tax base.

-They are advantageous in identifying local bidders included in the Public Procurement Law and indirectly provide job opportunities.

  Requirements for obtaining an Industrial Registry Certificate:

-Chamber and registry registration must be made.

-There must be a capacity report prepared by our chamber. (To be obtained from the chamber)

-There must be a professional activity certificate. (To be obtained from the chamber)

-There must be a Tradesmen Registry Gazette. (To be obtained from the Istanbul Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry Office)

-There must be an industrial registry declaration and an annual business statement. (Blank form can be obtained from our room) Please write to us for the necessary information and thoughts. (Room Management)

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