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İSTO Istanbul Knitwear and Similar Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen; Tradesmen and Craftsmen try to make a living by combining their small capital with their sweat and labor without being a burden to the state, which is the backbone of the society, and pay taxes to the penny that earns and creates employment for themselves, their state and nation, their family and They are people who depend on those who work for them. The most established non-governmental organization of our Istanbul, the pearl of our country, which is in the most beautiful position in the world in terms of economic, social and cultural aspects, is İSTO Istanbul Chamber of Knitters, Tradesmen and Craftsmen. Our institution aims to meet the professional and technical needs of Istanbul Knitwear, Textile Tradesmen and Craftsmen and their employees, to facilitate their professional activities, to ensure their development and professional training in accordance with the general interests of the profession, to ensure that honesty and trust prevail in the relations of members of the profession with each other and with the public, and to ensure professional discipline. It is Turkey's largest chamber in the field of Knitwear and Textile, operating in accordance with Law No. 5362 in order to protect and protect morality. It is the oldest organization in our city of a large group of members and their families, reaching 100 thousand people, whether traveling or in a fixed place, basing their economic activity on physical work together with their capital, and earning an income that does not qualify them as merchants or industrialists. İSTO Istanbul Chamber of Knitters, Tradesmen and Craftsmen carries out its services with its management staff elected by Istanbul tradesmen and craftsmen every 4 years, and with its working commissions, social and economic organizations under the direction and management of these staff. In these studies, it carries out bilateral and multiple activities with our governorship, district governorships, metropolitan municipality mayors, district mayors, non-governmental organizations and other public institutions and organizations.

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