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(one) Annual dues are paid in two equal installments in April and October.

(2) Tradesmen and craftsmen who are registered in the registry for more than one profession are registered in the mixed chamber separately for each profession, and only the dues of the profession with the higher annual dues are collected.

(3) Members whose registrations are transferred to the specialized chamber, if they have paid that year's dues to their old chambers, will pay the annual dues to the new chamber starting from the following year. If they have not paid that year's dues for their old rooms, they must pay the portion of the annual dues corresponding to the remaining months of the year, starting from the date they are transferred to the new room, to the transferred room.

(4) In calculating the dues of members who have canceled their chamber registration, the monthly amount obtained by dividing the annual dues to be collected from the member for that year by twelve months is collected, including the month in which the registration is deleted. If the annual dues are paid in advance, the dues amount for the months spent in membership will be deducted and the remaining portion will be refunded to the member.

(5) Members who do not pay their annual dues will not be given the services provided by the chamber and the documents to be issued and approved until the payment is made.

(6)The amount of late payment interest to be collected for annual dues not paid within the due date cannot exceed one times the annual dues.

(7) Decisions made by the boards of directors of professional organizations of tradesmen and craftsmen for annual dues not paid within the due date have the force of a decision and are carried out by the enforcement offices.

(8) The statute of limitations for collecting annual dues and their finalized late fees is five years. Annual dues and late fees not collected within five years will be cancelled.

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