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İstanbul'un bilinen en eski Bizans kilisesi olup ayrıca camiye çevrilmemiş tek Bizans kilisesidir. Eski kaynaklara göre, burada bulunan Roma döneminden kalma Artemis, Afrodit ve Apollon mabetlerinin kalıntılarından yararlanılarak, 4. yüzyılın başlarında I. Konstantin (324-337) zamanında yapılmıştır. Ayasofya'yla aynı avlu duvarı içinde bulunan Aya İrini, 532'deki Nika Ayaklanması sırasında yanındaki Sempson Zenon'la birlikte yanmıştır.

"There, Allah (swt) and man, nature and art have created such a perfect place on earth that it is worth seeing." This is how Lamartine defines the city, which embraces two continents by reaching out to Asia with one arm and Europe with the other. Istanbul is an international center of art and culture. The International Art and Culture Festival takes place here every year in June and July, with the participation of artists from all over the world. Most of the shows are held at the Ataturk Cultural Center. Those who like classical music can listen to this type of music at Cemal Reşit Rey Hall. Operas, operettas, ballets, films, concerts, exhibitions and conferences are included in the cultural palette of the city. Istanbul's light show program is also very rich. With examples ranging from Turkish songs to the famous belly dance, nightclubs are pleasant entertainment venues during dinner. Modern discos, cabarets and jazz clubs are in the Taksim - Harbiye district. The restaurants in restored Byzantine and Ottoman buildings in Sultanahmet are pleasant places to spend an evening out. Kumkapı is another attractive district with its many taverns, bars and fish restaurants. For years, people have been meeting at Çiçek Pasajı in Beyoğlu to have a bite to eat and taste special seafood. Narrow Nevizade Street next to Çiçek Pasajı is the best place in Istanbul to drink raki and taste Turkish food. Ortaköy on the Bosphorus is the best place for nightlife in Istanbul with its nightclubs, jazz clubs, restaurants and bars serving excellent seafood. The opportunity to see the fishermen in traditional Ottoman costumes on their traditional Ottoman boats and to taste the famous fried fish from their boats in Eminönü should not be missed.

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