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(one)The registration fee is collected by the registry office during the first registration of tradesmen and craftsmen. Half of the registration fee is transferred to the bank account opened in the name of the union to be used for registry needs, and the other half is transferred to the bank account of the relevant chamber.

(2) Members are not charged additional annual dues for the year in which the registration fee is collected. However, if those whose chamber or registry records have been deleted re-register within the same year, they will be charged a registration fee.

(3) The records of members who have established a new specialty chamber related to their profession within the same work area are transferred to the newly established chamber of expertise. These members do not pay registration fees to the specialty chamber to which they are transferred.

(4)Tradesmen and craftsmen who are registered in the registry for more than one profession are registered separately in the relevant chambers of expertise and the registration fee is collected separately for each profession.

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